I originally did a degree in Maths and have taught Maths for the past 25 years. Approximately 13 years ago I realised that more and more of my time in School involved using a computer, and following on from an interest in programming I went back to university (in the evenings) to complete a Degree in Computing, graduating with a First Class Honours Degree in 2009. I have recently moved on from the role of Computing Coordinator at Holy Family College in Heywood. I contribute to the GeoCraft Project (http://www.geocraft.org.uk/) working on programming resources using Minecraft and Python on the Raspberry Pi, and work with a variety of Universities in the North West. I am a CAS Master Teacher and am helping coordinate the activities of some of the local Master Teachers on behalf of the Manchester CRC.


CAS Regional Centre, School of Computer Science, Kilburn Building, The University of Manchester, Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9PL


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